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Who Should Get a Bike Fit?

Anyone who spends any length of time riding a bicycle will benefit greatly from getting a professional bike fit.  Whether you’re riding 10 miles around the neighborhood or 100 miles to train for an upcoming race, a professional bike fit will make a huge difference in your riding comfort, performance and overall enjoyment of cycling. You can make an appointment today by calling (614) 575-2453

Benefits of a Proper Bike Fit

Getting properly fit can:

  • Reduce pain and improve overall riding comfort
  • Help prevent cycling-induced repetitive stress injuries
  • Increase your efficiency and cycling speed
  • Increase your bike handling ability and safety
  • Help you get more enjoyment out of cycling

At Cylical Nature Bicycles, we use the retül 3d fit system — the only one of its kind in central ohio — to ensure your road, triathlon, or mountain bicycle fits you, rather than the other way around. A properly fit bicycle means that you can achieve your riding goals with more power, greater efficiency, increased comfort, and fewer injuries. An interview process will reveal information that will influence the results of your bicycle fit. A physical assessment will address symmetry, flexibility, strength, and injuries. Your cycling experience, history, and short- and long-term goals will also be considered. The retül 3d fit system uses a sensor harness to record and display your fit data while riding, which is then combined with video capture of your body position and pedal stroke. An overview of the fit parameters are explained so that you can contribute to your bicycle fit. A review of the video will help you visualize your pre- and post-fit body positions. Final bike measurements will then be recorded and included in your fit report, along with your pre-fit assessment data and images of your body position for future reference.

How Much Does a Bike Fit Cost?

Our Basic Fit costs $75 and takes about 1 hour.

Our Full Retül bike fits costs $250 and takes about 2 hours.

It might sound expensive, but dollar-for-dollar it's the best thing you can do to improve your cycling.

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